Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Jobs: Real To The Core

Real genius comes when someone can look so far ahead into the future and see it clearly through their innovations and know how those innovations will impact the world. We will grieve the loss of Steve Jobs for a long while…We will think of him each time we load songs on an iPod, purchase an iPad, buy a Mac computer, talk on our iPhones or anytime we see the iconic Apple logo.

He shared a part of himself through his technological creativity that felt so personal. He gave us not only a new way to interact through our lives, but left a legacy that keeps him in the camp with those who changed our world, left us but kept their energies alive through their vision.

The new schoolers should understand that the technology that they assume is so far apart from the older generation was created and launched by real school people who staged the atmosphere that enables them to enjoy the comforts of what they deem brand new technology.

There are so many words that come to mind as we celebrate the legacy of Steve Jobs: tenacity, vision, brilliant, out of the box, profound technological intellectualism.  We have the fortune to have been blessed with his ingenuity in our lifetime.

Steve Jobs: Dared to be different. Unafraid of being scared.




  1. I love your site. such research, adore the pictorials....

  2. Great article. He'll truly be missed.