Thursday, March 20, 2014

RSP 6th Anniversary


November of 2013 marked the 6th year anniversary of RSP! Last September I came upon one of the most incredible finds ever when it comes to the real school. I can only say how amazing the experience was in pictures. An incredible 30,000 square feet of real school heaven:

Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento Midway is not a mall, but an experience. I couldn't get enough of it. Owners Mark and Ann have created a time tunnel of the real school. 

Instead of a typical store layout, you have living rooms perfectly coordinated with everything from kitchens to dining rooms. I couldn't stop taking pictures. The minute you walk in the door, you are floored by the flood of memories. 

I combed every corner of Midway. And when I applauded Mark and Ann on the passion with which they created Midway, they responded that the only downside was when people buy items, they  lose something from one of the many intricately layered living or dining rooms and kitchens. Not only are the TVs on, but they’re playing old shows. Everything is meticulously arranged and placed. So take a walk with me down memory lane and into a cavalcade of memories! "Pictures speak louder than words."

Yes! This is a store!

I never owned the ranch doll house! Must be a California thing!

This is so Brady Bunch!

My mom had one of these roasters, but she had the half sized version. I never knew these came mega style.
Who remembers these exquisite lamps? I had forgotten all about these until I saw them again.

Kevin (left) with two customers
It was great meeting the vendors in the mall who had incredible real school treasures. I bought a portrait from one of the vendors named Kevin Jones who had a awesome collection of phones and records and players... I could only buy the portrait because I couldn't fit anything into my car! 

This gramophone was part of Kevin's collection. I sooooo wanted to buy it. I already own a replica, but this was an original...What stopped me? I couldn't fit it in my car!

Who remembers the poodles?


You see, our generation has a lot of legacy. Our icons, our memories, our style; still stand the test of time...There is so much solidarity in what the new schoolers call "vintage". And the great thing? When we  go back to it, our memories come alive. Things that rested in the back of minds come back to the forefront...We feel excitement, joy and that song that we wore the grooves out on the record player, first dates, proms, first love, broken hearts, first job, favorite hairstyles, shoes and clothes...Gone are the days, but forever etched in our memories.

And last but not least. I bought this beautiful photographic portrait from Kevin. I don't know who she is, but it was that mystery which led me to bring her home.

Thanks for sharing the journey!

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  1. Loved it, Teira!!!! The photographs are fantastic! Thank you for the walk down memory lane.